100% сучасної української музики онлайн! Contemporary UA music online!                                                         100% сучасної української музики онлайн! Contemporary UA music online!

YOUng Radio – Radio for YOU!

Molode means “young” in Ukrainian. Molode Radio is a radio of a new generation: live, interactive and unexpected.

In April 2005 we started as the first FM radio of modern Ukrainian music in Kyiv. 24 hours a day broadcasting of modern Ukrainian songs (pop and reggae, rock, folk, rap and other styles) was a precedent for Ukraine.

Now more than 350 groups and singers are in our play lists. Other radio stations that work in the same format appeared. So, we’ve got followers, competitors and partners .

Our first live project was a two-days live marathon “Ukrainovision”, covering all important events of “Eurovision” final ceremony in Kyiv.

Our listeners had an opportunity to listen all songs of the participants and interesting information about them. The “presence effect” was provided by live reports.

In 2005 we launched our Culture Wave – programmes about famous persons and places, modern music and sports.

Our “Round 12” was the first live radio talk show about boxing in Ukraine.

In 2006 Molode Radio launched “I’m the Voter!” project.

“I’m the Voter!” was a unique programme that informed listeners about every, even the smallest and unknown political party or block.

After elections we continued our discussion of hot political issues with “Political Reform: What’s Going On?” programme.

Each week we discussed in our studio problems of constitution change and political transformation with political analysts, sociologists, journalists, with think-tank and parties representatives.

But politics wasn’t the only topic of our programmes. Molode as a public radio tries to cover everything important and interesting for audience: music and literature, human rights and social problems, life styles and internet, relationships and traveling.

In 2006-2007 Molode along with RadiJoJo from Germany launched common radio project “We Live History”.

Working simultaneously, Ukrainian and German teams were making stories, reports and interviews telling about the life of children and youth, music, life styles and social problems of youth in both countries. Deutsche Welle called this project “the first Ukrainian-German youth radio bridge”.

Since 2006 Molode Radio became online radio station that provide its’ listeners with music, news and programmes on its web site.

Working online, we add speed, interactivity and flexibility to the air of Molode. We were first who used skype and icq in our programmes in air.

Our priority for future is to make Molode a really informative and interesting radio for UAnet community!